Welcome to my world

Hi and welcome to my world!

Its a world that recently changed shape and most probably will again. I love and embrace change and one thing you really can be sure of is that the world will constantly change!

I always followed my passions through out my life where travels, snowboarding and diving became a big part of me. Eventually my back gave up and after a back surgery I  started to focus on my long lost friend – writing.

This lead me on a journalistic path for 3 terms while struggling with my healing. Not really satisfied with my path i gazed towards the direction of the web and all the possible ways of communicating there. Mindblown by it I enrolled in a two year of web communications studies and got really sucked into it.

Now I work as a digital strategist in a Social Media Agency called The amazing Society. I got great people around me and for the time being I’m happy where I am. But I know within time that I will start feeling differently because thats how I work ;)!