60+ Great, Free Tools for Modern Storytellers

It takes a bit more knowledge and hands on activity to get you where you want with the help of the web. Are you searching for a good blog platform, find fundings or get organised and much more? Here´s a great list of links that I found on Medium that can help most of us with something ;)!  [Read more…]

#MidWeekNickle Week.13 – your social links of the week


Dublin airport 1950 from Flickr Commons – link in the end of the post

Twitters 8th birthday, residents of the US now spend more time on the mobile than any other device or media, guys putting their penis in socks and a great talk about measuring. This and much more in the #MidWeekNickle.  [Read more…]

Medium – ”ny” tjänst från delgrundarna bakom Twitter

Sakta har Medium sedan augusti bjudit in personer väldigt selektivt till sin tjänst. Den är attraktiv för människor som gillar att skriva, dela sina idéer men även att läsa. Jag har fortfarande inte lyckats knipa mig en invite men Medium ligger fortfarande öppet för alla att läsa.  [Read more…]