A great eye opener for everyone to see; it´s about your privacy!


I never really worried much about my online life and until recently I thought like most people do – I don’t have anything to hide.

But thats just a minor issue regarding where we heading. Sure there´s always to sides to every coin but one side here is dirty, very dirty. I recommend everyone to see this documentary, especially if your active on the web, in social media and have a smartphone. So with that said: EVERYONE should see Terms and conditions may apply. [Read more…]

Besöksbarometern ger dig koll på populära svenska platser


Igen har Ted Valentin knåpat ihop något spännande, besöksbarometern – en social ranking för svenska platser. Detta har han gjort i samarbete med Besöksliv.se och det grundas på ackumulerad Facebook-data från en sexveckors-period i mars/april. [Read more…]