Facebook will start showing admins next to posts

facebook_admin_comment_show_post_feffe_kaufmannOn the 20th february the admin (only) who posted the post or comment will starting to be shown on your wall for Facebook Fanpages. You can also see who created the scheduled post in the activity log. All posts and comments posted before that date will remain the same.   [Read more…]

When in transit; people spotting



Through out all my travels I always found a sense of ease and harmony being in airports. They are a physical manifestation of constant movement and change.  [Read more…]

What footprints do you leave behind?

ord_i_bild_feffe_kaufmann_föreviga_digThe other day I read the most interesting article stating a thought that really made an impact on me. The thought was made up by Claudio Gandelman is the CEO and founder of Teckler. [Read more…]