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midweeknickle_week_19_social_links_digital_marketing_feffe_kaufmannFacebook rules customer service in social media, get the right marketing tool, learn a brand new way of writing and reading. Thats just a taste of this weeks content in the #MidWeekNickle Week.19

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I’m not surprised over Socialbakers finding that Facebook is the leader when it comes to customer care. We only spend more then half an hour a day per person, much more for some people. And thats on Facebook only.

Facebook are now targeting small and medium businesses to start working with advertising on their platform thru a series of special events called Facebook  Fit.

The awesome and ”silent” app that measure your movements Moves has just been acquired by the almighty Facebook. Seems to be shopping time for the giants this spring.


Can you ever get enough inspiration to create your own smart ways? I guess not and I see to little creativity when it comes to number 15 in the list.

Digital marketing

Found a great post for different marketing tools with prices and areas where they come to use.

Social media & more

Learn a new way of reading with Dotsies Since a friend and I are going to NYC soon its hard not to add this link. A small guide to the best apps to the largest cities. And of course more infographics. This week about how we consume news and how we influence consumers through social media.

Talk of the week

This subject about technology making us more unsocial has been touched many times before but never with this brilliance and storytelling, very much like the Streets and Dry your eyes. This subject divides people widely and I’m still struggling with it myself. I’m thinking a lot of this now when I’m a father and how I should handle the matter towards Samson and myself in the future… Have a look (up)!

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