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Twitter makes it possible to mute people without unfollowing them, Facebook releases ”Context card” to boost friend interactions and Simon Sinek talks about leaders inspiring to action. Thats just a taste of this weeks content in the #MidWeekNickle Week.21

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Facebook just released a new insight tool for the US but rolling out world wide in the nest coming months. Sure hope it will come soon.

Facebook will release today ”Context cards” that gives you additional information about your friends when you check in or use mood updates. Facebook is hoping the cards will provide helpful information and encourage users to interact with their nearby friends.

As Facebook removes both Camera and Pokes from appstore they also announced that they a working on a Snapchat rival called ”Slingshot”.


The last six months 15 large brands have had access to ads and it been showing some impressive results.


Twitter recently made it possible to target ads through promoted tweets based on languages. Awesome opportunity for marketeers to reach out for tourists with deals. So far its just 20 different languages.

Thanks Twitter for introducing the new feature mute; a great way to silence friends you don´t want to unfired.

Digital marketing

Old Spice triggered some great engagement with followers on Twitter. Have a look.

Social media & more

Tumblr upgrades their app to an editor which allows users of iPhone, iPad or Android to customise the look of their profile.

LinkedIn addes two new features that helps marketeers target their ads. Languages personlized page feed

Talk of the week

How great leaders inspire to action by Simon Sinek.

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