Social & digital news for marketeers in the #MidWeekNickle – Week. 39


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Inspiration, statistics and changes fills the 39th edition of the #MidWeekNickle. We use apps more then ever, Facebook keeps developing and Malcom Gladwell with his lovely hair gives a great talk about happiness, marketing and spaghetti sauce.  

I really hope you all had an amazing september. I really love when the air gets crispier, your vision starts to extend to the horizon. Just like when you’re in the mountains during winter. The eye can see endlessly. I love nature. It has the vibrating effect on me and thats why I always take the header pictures of landscape to manifest the beauty and frailty here on the #MidWeekNickle; as a sublime reminder that we need to take care of the earth.

Now lets dig in to the digital world of social and marketing.


UK is not far behind with Facebook grabbing 7,5% of the money spent on digital ads while in the US is 10%.

Facebook still developing their service to become a ”full service” social platform. This time they are peeking towards the secret sharing apps like Cluster, Secret and many more.

Facebook has announced its latest tweaks to the algorithm determining what people see in their news feeds, with topical news and timely posts the focus.

Facebook partner up with Yahoo to take on Youtube.

Campaign: Budweiser lets you buy a beer for your birthday friend!



Inspiration how to shoot pictures with horses.

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Twitter updated the ad targeting to give marketeers more tools and options by creating new audience lists and managing existing audiences, all through this new audience manager tool.

Have some features on Twitter mobile notifications got to you? our are not alone! This blog post helps you kill some of them.

Digital marketing

Not surprisingly small and medium sized companies advertise more in social media. 74,5 precent of the total amount spent on advertising  comes from SMB which means companies under 100 employees.


Social media & more

Overall we are now using apps 21 precent more then last year and it includes everything from music, health, social, games like Nevada Online Casinos games , tools and much more. Check out the study.


Talk of the month

Amazing talk about Howard Moskowitz, happiness, metrics, marketing, research, Pepsi and spaghetti sauce by Malcom Gladwell. Worth the time; see it!

Photo credit for header: blmiers2 via photopin cc