Last day at work, now freelancer and soon NYC


Today I returned my computer, phone and keys to The Amazing Society and going freelance mode. But first a vacation to NYC with Robin Danehav.

In a weird way I enjoyed being a bit more personal in my blog and I never really seen anyone in my line of business tell a story of what they really do at work. I don’t mean hanging out brands and going into to details but actually enlighten the world what they really do. I will start doing that. 

The sun is shining today because its an exciting day. Today I cut the cords to become my own and more flexible. I been having that in the back of my mind for a while and it feels good to finally take the step.

One thing that I would really like to have for the summer is an assignment for Almedalen this year. So if you know have a lead and know someone who might need help with content production, online presence in general let me know.

Work has already started

Rasmus and me already got some clients in the pipe and I already started to make two strategy drafts for two different clients. We got some cool stuff to work with as a concept assignment, a production development connected with a online presence, I also got drafted to a 2,5 day workshop with nine people in three different teams to make a new charity concept for a global charity brand where the team I was participated in won the pitch, I’m also helping as a project manager to develop 5 children apps, I might help an event agency with the digital outreach during events and a large scale global project that I can´t tell anything about. Things started to move and I love it. Wihoo!

But first NYC

What better way than to meet spring! Can´t wait to sitt on the flight crossing the Atlantic on monday. For sure I will try to meet some agency’s as well to see if there’s anything we can do in the US of A. Do you have any suggestions let me know. Also I need to buy a Yankee hat to Samson and baby skate shoes.

If you have any great suggestions what to do, where to eat and where to go don’t hesitate to either drop me or Robin a line on any channel or comment below.

The the party begin! <3