A great eye opener for everyone to see; it´s about your privacy!


I never really worried much about my online life and until recently I thought like most people do – I don’t have anything to hide.

But thats just a minor issue regarding where we heading. Sure there´s always to sides to every coin but one side here is dirty, very dirty. I recommend everyone to see this documentary, especially if your active on the web, in social media and have a smartphone. So with that said: EVERYONE should see Terms and conditions may apply.

Don’t miss the interview Cullen Hoback below.

Cullen Hoback grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and when he was 17 he started his own public access late night TV show, but was kicked off the air after making a series of social statements that drew angry phone calls from locals. Trying to bring light to strange and unfamiliar topics became a common theme for Hoback. Throughout college he produced multiple short films, as well as a feature when digital cameras first became available.

When he was 21 he shot what would become the 55-minute FREEDOM STATE, a heartfelt comedy that follows a cast of misfits to the edge of the world. His other narrative feature is FRICTION, a film about people at a summer camp who play out a scripted tale as the line between fantasy and reality blurs.

In 2007, he was given a small budget to direct the LARPing documentary MONSTER CAMP, which showed social outcasts banding together to create a community where magic is real, and identity is limited only by one’s imagination. In 2011, Hoback was able to return to his forte of documentary filmmaking when he was given adequate resources to create TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY.