The Conference and my three favorite talks


There is a reason for why it’s called THE Conference. It’s well executed, well thought through, great international speakers, awesome venue and they have their own beer, THE beer. 

Greeted by one man band going in circles playing multiple instruments and loads of  ”The-Conf-people” dressed in white and black dotted clothes #theconf kicked of in a vibrant way. Being the first time here I’m swept away of how well directed the entire venue were set up. The graphics from the site ran through everything from the badges to door signs to clouds in the roof giving us all a colorful, enthusiastic and happy impression.

THE headline for this year is how humans work, how machines work and the interrelation between them. Also how we tell stories much like the fire camp feeling of our ancestors. Human behavior is exceptionally strange, anyone can experience that just by watching the news. Many thing in our world is up side down but slowly with collective love we will improve and make it better.


Photo cred: Media Evolution

An exceptional positive take with the #theconf line up is that all keynote speakers and artists we females expect one enacting #theconf as probably the most progressive event in its genre in Sweden. The last two years #theconf succeeded to have 50/50 female and male speakers through out the event.

The Conference and Aggro Pekuliar (both posts are in swedish) is by far the best venues I been to in Sweden. I guess that sums it up.

My three favorite talks

Per Cromwell CEO of The tale studio talks about the anatomy of storytelling with joy and sarcasm. Sure we all love stories but they need to be worth listening to. You need TO DO and CREATE something for REAL for your story to reach people to get them to listen. I can´t agree more. As Per himself said:

Either your part of the content or your part of distraction

Juan Cartagena

Juan Cartagena, founder and CEO of Traity held a speech on the session called Trust. I was a bit sceptic when I went to that session but got dragged in quickly by Juan. What Juan invisions to create, and Traity already have 4 million user, is a platform independent standard for trust between end user without a third party entity. Also that you can take your gained trust from one platform into a new one.

Skylar Tibbits

Skylar Tibbits, Research Scientist at MIT. He is a trained architect, designer, computer scientist, and artist whose research focuses on developing self-assembly technologies for large-scale applications in our physical environment by 4D. As a kid I loved LEGO and still do which made it easy for me to fall in love with his presentation. Its a must see like the two below (and many more too of course).

Unfortunately for some reason his talk was only approved to be streamed but not put up on the site among the others. Here is a much shorter TED talk on the same subject and for you that are really interested don’t forget to check out

Thanks Media Evolution

It’s been a total experience the two days. I would like to thank everyone that made this happen and especially Cecilia Frankel. <3