3 tools to ease your day – Signals, Gliffy and Blog topic generator


Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Either in the physical world or in the digital. Here is 3 tools that can help you get your blog topics flowing, see if your client and friends opened your emails and if you ever in need of creating a mind map or anything else for that matter that contains shapes and texts. 


Signals by Hubspot

Summer time and the days are lazy. Not for all; but som some. With Signals by Hubspot you can see when and IF the person you sent the email to opened it with their starter package which is free and easy to install. If you are a power user you need to pay a monthly fee of 10 USD. Signals are so much more than just a marker that people opened emails or not, its an advanced email tracking system including so much more if you decide to pay for it.

One of the things I like the most with the free edition is that you get notifications and a get history of which links (that were embedded in the mail you sent) were click on. Also it relieves you from the stress if people read your mail or not.


Gliffy – visualize your thoughts

This tool make mind maps, flow charts and visualizations made easy. Its free up to five diagrams but for the small amount of 5 USD per month you get up to 200. Check it out on Gliffy.com.



Blog topic generator by Hubspot

You might think I´m sponsored by Hubspot but thats not the case. This is another fun free tool made for brains still on vacation mode. If you have a brain freeze and can´t come up with thing to blog about this blog topic generator might just be for you.

Like you see in the picture above I put in three different nouns – social media, digital PR and influencer marketing. These three keyword gave me these a handful of suggestions. This won’t revolutionize your blogging but it might just give you a hand.