You don’t fulfil a dream by yourself

Most mornings for the last two years I write in my blue book dedicated to saying thanks to ten things, after reading the andersfogh blog I decided to also put it online. So everyday I bow my head down och put my right hand on my heart and say thanks three times to each thing I written as I whisper it silent to myself. Some of them are generic and I write them every time because I think they are that important, learn about outsourcing tasks. The second thing I always write is; ”I’m so grateful for all the help and service I will receive during the day from people I meet”.

During my walk I came to think a lot of this and me being in Nepal is thanks to so many things both set in motion by myself, a bit of luck, dedication and with help of others. These words have been carried around with med during the last two weeks outsourcing during covid. It is important to me, coming from a family where we all where mostly left to our own devices, to write this post and to enlighten the fact that I wouldn’t been in Nepal having these experiences and writing this if it wasn’t for all these people that I genuinely want to say thanks to. Some of them I know, others I met once and some I never seen.

I reached Poon hill at 3200 meter just before 5 am. We walked the last hundred altitude meters in moonlight. I somehow thought I would be alone but I wasn’t. Once on top and when daylight broke I could see that we were around 250-300 ecstatic people on top waiting in silence until the first spark ray of sun broke over the Annapurna ridge and gave a golden glimmer on Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest peak in the world with the breathtaking hight of 8 168 meter. This memory I will treasure for ever as yet another milestone in life and of the never ending transformation of being alive. And for that I’m ever grateful.

First of all, if I haven’t been in good health again and recovered as I have, I would not have had the strength of coming so thank you life and my my cells and Swedish healthcare. And second of all, without work this would never be possible so:

Thanks Rasmus, my ex-partner in crime, letting me take over the SVT account as we terminated the agency we started together five years ago. Also thanks to Tomas and Mats at SVT letting me still work with the account. It was our agency’s very first assignment that that I took in and I been running it mostly by myself since that day except during some periods during my cancer. Thanks Paulina Motlibta for bring us in on the project Roliga timmen.

Thanks Anna, for letting me go from time to time on these well needed breaks of adventure that my entire organism always is craving for. Now after cancer more than ever. It’s also a life promise to myself and I always book trip before going on my next one. Thanks for your incredible patiences with my impulsiveness to just book things without asking. And Thanks to the entire family Rickman with their beautiful support for Anna as well for my son Samson. You all are amazing.

Thanks to all AirBnB guests that been staying at my place giving me the financial support to pull of my journeys and to my dear friend Jonas Burenius who just since the new year put up with me for small periods of time resulting in almost two full months while my apartment was inhabit by guests from allover the world. But also thanks AirBnB for making me a ”Superhost” which makes me get more enquiries which leads to more travel opportunities.

Thanks Per Swartling, for keeping me warm both during my cancer journey as well as during my hike, not only with your constant smile but also with Merino wool first and second layers as well as with heart warming socks; all from Icebreaker. But also helping me out by borrowing me a backpack that I carried up and down the Himalayas.

Thanks to the two guys in XXL Sports Shop who probably thought I was out of my mind but with calmness help me find my trekking boots that been my feet best friend during the week in the Himalayas. They gave me more than an hour of service and with their own long trekking experience shared some great advice for my purchase and for the road.

Thanks Lama Pema Dorjee, for taking your precious time and always being there with advice and help from the smallest thing to basically anything. And  Thanks Mikael Karlholm and Konrad Bergström for facilitating this friendship which started a chain reaction of awakening of a slumbering and almost forgotten dream, to see 8000 meter plus peaks. And so I did! I even ended up encountering Rhinos in the jungle, meeting a princess from the Nepali monarchy and much more.

Thanks Karma Lama, for planning my trek and taking care of all necessary paper work, insurances, permits and for blessing me with my guide Pasang.

Thanks Pasang Sima Sherpa, for guiding and taking care of me every step of the way during the week of amazing walks in the Annapurna area. I appreciated your expertise, friendship and keeping a careful watch on me during our week together in the Annapurna region. For this I will always be grateful and our beautiful memories will be kept close at heart. Also thank you again for the beautiful lunch and for meeting your family in Katmandu.

Thanks Jonas Bohr and Marcus Gitterle, for helping my body out on a cellular level with the amazing and scientific compound Cellexir that been helping me to quicker restore and rebuild my body for adventures.

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It’s more expensive than gold. A man I met in Ghuadapani, Himalaya showed me the ”Nepali mountain gold” he just found and harvest. The older and larger the more value they have. It’s a crazy cross over between plant and insect. In Tibetan, ‘Yarsagumba’ literally means summer plant and winter insect. Yarsagumba is an exceptional combination of a yellow caterpillar and a mushroom. Just earlier to the rainy season, spores of the cordyceps fungus infect these Himalayan caterpillars that live on moist grass and hollow soil. After the fungus buries itself in the caterpillar’s body, it works its way out through the insect’s head. The parasite gets the energy from the caterpillar. The fungus parasite gets so much into the body of the caterpillar that it drains all the energy from the insect. The insect dies. As temperature increases and the snow melts -Yarsagumba emerges and is collected at this time. During monsoon, the Yarsagumba is swept away. Yarsagumba is also known as the ‘Himalayan Viagra’ or ‘Himalayan Gold’ for its high medicinal and commercial value. Numerous scientific studies and research reveals that it has antibiotic properties. It is used for lung and respiratory infection, pain, sciatica and backache. It also provides vitality and increases physical stamina of the body. According to the Hawaiian health products, it is found effective against tuberculosis as well as in the treatment of leprosy. Another major use of this is in the treatment of leukemia. It energizes lung, kidney and liver; improves memory and purifies blood; and keeps a person physically and mentally sound. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 130/365 sunday 13th May 2019 #aphotoaday #365photochallenge #190511. #stockholm #photography #artistic #people #life #travel #shadows #architecture #adventures #wanderlust #house #building #sky #letters #blocks #yarsagumba #memories #nepal

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Thanks Kristian, my dear brother, for bringing me to Arlanda as well as taking care of our mother while I was gone absent in my travels while my moms husband suddenly passed away.

Thanks for all the people that took their time educating themselves as well as learning by doing to all different sorts of jobs making it possible for me to book a flight, fly, ride buses, stay in hotels, trek, get food cooked and served and the rest of millions aspects that made this journey possible. Without all of you for me nameless people this would not been possible.

And last I want to Thank myself, for being who I am and that I keep on doing impulsive stuff, running after dreams and constantly trying to evolve by experiences and people I meet. Much thanks to my ADD and being Bipolar. They both been leading me on paths of glory but also darkness and destruction. They are both a part of who I am and my journey to this day.

In so many words – thank you life and everyone in it!

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