When in transit; people spotting



Through out all my travels I always found a sense of ease and harmony being in airports. They are a physical manifestation of constant movement and change. 

I love watching people. An airport is a perfect spot for that. Its like an international fruit salad of people just bursting out of the bowl. You find people everywhere no matter what time a day and even people sleeping in the most awkward positions waiting for their connection flights.

Its something definitive with being on an airport. Its a place you never go to just for fun. They are in a way a necessary evil and a sub-mode of transportation. If you wanna go somewhere long distance and arrive there within reasonable time; aviation and airports will become two things you won’t be able to to avoid so why not just enjoy your time there.

People spotting is a perfect way to make time pass here.Watching people and making up small stories from where they came from, what they do and where they’re going.

Still these gateways between countries and cultures remain stiff with wast spaces that more reflects an empty soul. Its like nobody really want to make it cozy because we all are just there for a short time. Maybe thats just the reason why they are the way they are – because we all are just in transit. Moving on!