Web Summit conquers Lisbon with techies

To start with I’m truly overwhelmed with how big the entire venue is for the city, the people in it and for the country itself. It’s like Web Summit have the same vision as Coca Cola that you should never be more than 10 minutes away from a coke; here it’s that one should never be more than 10 meters away from anything that resembles Web Summit in Lisbon, it’s logo or a fellow peer summiteer. It’s everywhere! 

It’s been a while since I both went to a large event and blogged and now I’m doing both. I’m thrilled to do both and during the circumstances I feel a bit moved to been invited to Web Summit 2017 i Lisbon without written a proper post about communication, marketing, start-ups or events for a extensive period of time. But here I am, in Lisbon, on the largest tech freak show there is and it’s just breathtaking. I’m in need an oxygen tank now to calm down, breathe and melt all the input all of my senses are taking in and they are on full alert.

The sheer intensity

It’s the first day. People are truly on it; if we could extract power from this venue by the heat, entusiasm and the energy of people at the Web Summit then it would with no worries power the entire city if Lisbon for a full day. Connections are being made. Meetings. Talks. New friendships. Collaborations. Debates. It’s an endless stream of information transactions and if your clueless – just pull up your anchor and float effortless around being guided by your next encounter within the four huge pavillions, food court and chill out spaces as well as the center stage that comparable to ”Hovet” in Stockholm, Sweden.


There’s no corner of Web Summit that doesn’t contain something with AI, VR and AR. The rise of AI being integrated in so many ways into our lives and even the great mind Stephen Hawkins was on stage to adress the issue. The thing with AI is that is morally neutral and there for without the human intellect it’s hard for it to decide what to do without causing anything bad. Whatever data is put in to the equation is what will rule the outcome which Bryan Johnson CEO of Kernel talked about on stage.

AI might be best and worst thing to happen to humanity – Stephen Hawking

Also Blockchain, Women in tech and green solutions are dominant subjects. Even though my head have imploded by all external stimulis I got to the second day of the summit on time and hungry for more.

If your here – let’s meet

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