Use the power of video to cut through noise to long tail your message


Are you one of the 7.9 million people that seen the viral video: Girls going wild in red light district? Its a brilliant campaign against trafficking that without the video wouldn’t have made much impact at all outside Amsterdam or even the block where it was made. 

Have a look if you haven’t seen it, its so worth the minute and a half and the end has the perfect tweak to it!

Record your seminars, keynotes and campaigns

The same point of view applies to lectures or seminars that don’t put it on video. The chance that message makes an enormous impact outside the event in the real world is actually quite slim. If your lucky you went to the seminar with a colleague and with the power of two you could inspire or influence a slight change into the organization though I hardly think so.

Many go alone and when they come back to the office most of the gained knowledge sets sail into a dark and unknown cave never to see the light of day again. This is why we need to document and share knowledge in the video format.

We haven’t been more mobile then now and applications such as Bambuser, all the different easy to use video apps and simplified technology make it possible for whoever to create a long tail to their project. Unfortunately in reality the majority don’t.

Social video and case movies

Finally more and more people has come to the conclusion to adapt a long tail thinking to their seminars, lectures and campaigns. Thats also one of the reasons why the film production and live streaming company FKDV are doing well in a trending market. They really have grasped the need for social video in Sweden and developed it to slight art form. It’s a small cost compared to the event but the possible after effect on people not attending the event is far greater. Well, it’s a marketing channel for next event as well.

This is also the reason why case movies are getting more important. The noise to break through are getting louder as we speak and a well made case movies might just do the trick.

To be honest I never heard about the  gourmet restaurant DILL until afterwards when I watched the case movie that was displayed in a media blog. During three weeks LIDL, a low budget grocery store misspelled their own name to the herb and hired a 2-star chef to run the restaurant that only served LIDL:s own ”low budget” products.

Apparently it was a success and after the three weeks they closed the popup restaurant. Now the case movie got 127 000 views, the campaign hit media as well and got out way more than without the movie.

With these examples I want to encourage the use of video. You don´t really need to make it look super professional: It´s better to spread the word then let the eco of your message die out within your own walls. Make it simple, use a phone, with the Iphone you can edit movies on the phone with Imovie. Later on the material can be lifted a little bit everywhere over and over again in articles or in updates on different social media platforms or why not send it to your newsletter subscribers.

The possibilities are endless and way better than just let the knowledge fade away!