I wish it was this easy; the best times to post in social media


I often get the question when should post on different channels? Recently posted on Quicksprout`s blog was an infographic about best times to post on different social media platforms. One first must understand that this is large data quantities analyzed to only pick out the best times for different variables no matter who or what, it only comes back to when based on the average.  [Read more…]

How to create perfect posts for social platforms


I usually go into my Feedly RSS feed tree times a day. Not only to keep track of whats going on around social media and digital marketing but also to collect information and links for my newsletter #MidWeekNickle. I stumbled upon this great infographics that might inspire you on your content creation for your social platforms.  [Read more…]

Infographic: bästa tider att posta inlägg på olika kanaler

Vill du ha generella insikter kring när du ska posta olika inlägg på olika kanaler är denna infographic en bra fingervisare. Varje gemenskap, för använda Elia Mörling’s försvenskade ord av ”tribes”, är unika och deras tider kan skilja fatalt för din marknadsföring. [Read more…]