How to create perfect posts for social platforms


I usually go into my Feedly RSS feed tree times a day. Not only to keep track of whats going on around social media and digital marketing but also to collect information and links for my newsletter #MidWeekNickle. I stumbled upon this great infographics that might inspire you on your content creation for your social platforms.  [Read more…]

#MidWeekNickle Week.12 – the social newsletter


Picture taken by Tony Wood – click the picture to come to the original

When we finally raised our hopes for spring winter returned. Sudden changes, exactly like in the world of social media where quick adoption is essential. Don’t miss the live stream from Webbdagarna, get familiar of the changes on Facebook, swedish Twitter statistics and much more.


As usual Facebook is represented here. They are going through a large platform make over thats rolling out. If you haven’t got it yet click the links for insight. Also, don´t miss the new ad and some trick tips to make your Facebook experience even better.


This monday Intellecta with Hampus Brynolf released their study over the swedish Twitter. The growth is slowing down but youth are attracted. Read mor on Twittersensus. FYI – Both links are in swedish.

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Social media

Social media is crafted by experimentation. There is no real right and wrong. What works for one brand can be destructive for an another. But never forget that its people your interacting with and they want to connect with people, not only the brand. Don´t forget to humanize your brand!

Socialbakers dug into som statistics to see where social ads are heading. Amazingly 14% of the asked companies with more then 5 000 employes had zero budget. 92% of the ads mony are going to Facebook. Click the link for more

David Cameron put in 7 500 GBP to boost his fan page. Yes it worked. He went from 60 000 to 130 000 fans in only one month.


Wednesday and thursday Waterfront will be filled up with 1500 people with great interest in the future of the web! Webbdagarna is sold out for the second year in a row.

Talk of the week

This is an amazing speech that I got recommended by Richard Gatarski. Kevin Spacey keeps the intensity through out his talk. Impressive!

Kevin Spacey – The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture 2013.

This Visualization of Air Traffic Over Europe Will Mesmerize You

Europe 24 from NATS on Vimeo.

Top picture is taken by Tony Wood. Its only modified with text. Thx and big love to Tony & CC

Getting started with Facebook ads? This Infographic will guide you



facebook_ads_start_guide_infographic_feffe_kaufmannEven though Facebook is gradually simplifying advertising on the platform it can still be daunting and confusing for a beginner but its worth learning. France-based Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer 909c and with Maxime Bicard who is expert in paid media explain the very basics step by step in this infographic.  [Read more…]

Infographic: bästa tider att posta inlägg på olika kanaler

Vill du ha generella insikter kring när du ska posta olika inlägg på olika kanaler är denna infographic en bra fingervisare. Varje gemenskap, för använda Elia Mörling’s försvenskade ord av ”tribes”, är unika och deras tider kan skilja fatalt för din marknadsföring. [Read more…]