Tag your group on Facebook so people can find it

The last twelve months a lot has been happening around Facebook. Groups are said to take a larger part during 2014. Have you noticed that you now are able to tag groups to make it easier for people to find them?

Groups are not only an excellent way to create value for your target group but also a unique way for people with the same values, mindset or interest to meet. It´s also a great tool for work. Instead for group mails where everyone have to reply a simple like on your update in the group is a way to effortlessly agree to the suggestion.


What Facebook recently released is the possibility for admins to tag groups and make them easier to be found through Graph Search.

facebook_tags_groups_feffe_kaufmann_blogg_krunch_stockholmSure this makes little difference to hidden groups but then again, they don´t really wanna be found or do they! But for them who really wanna be found this creates a better opportunity for it.