Stay tuned for our #kickstarter project Dead Stock Creations


VERY SOON me and som great friends are gonna launch a sustainable fashion-brand working with unused premium materials called DEAD STOCK CREATIONS!

Lets KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid) this! At first we’re launching our first signature garment, The #Conetee, made from high-quality yarn that has been left unused by top fashion brands making premium clothing. All tees gonna be unique where details and knitting is paramount as well as quality. Later like life itself we will progress.


With 25 years of experience from the textile industry we’re aiming on becoming the most #sustainable fashion-brand worldwide and the goal is to change the industry which stock up vast amounts of fabric never to be used called #deadstock. We are the first ever to get hold of these fabrics. Already we are starting to change the game but we need to change more and our mission starts here and now.

Look out for our coming #Kickstarter project to be launched very very soon! And if you think where doing something good please help us by contributing with shares, blog posts, love and why not even buy a Cone-Tee. Why not even make it the christmas gift of the year?

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Sunny regards / Feffe Kaufmann