Social objects will dictate future marketing


FYI: The picture is an early stage mock-up

As I was writing a report for a client I reused a sketch that LeKa Solutions designed as a ”Social Object” that unfortunately never saw they light of day because our client thought it was a bit to bold for them. When writing the report I came to think about how crucial social objects will be for future marketing.

In the growing Share Economy the value of a social object grows like a potent share in a the stock market rally. Just think of it, if I put my apartment on AirBnB and rented it out I would hope that who ever stayed in my apartment would take pictures and post it with positive comments on their channels for their friends and family to see.

I would even go the extra mile and put fresh fruits in a bowl, one or two bottles of wine beside all the fruit and beers in the fridge with a handwritten welcome message to my temporary tenants. Give them a great surprise! Of course placed in a way that would enhance the possibility of them taking pictures of it that also would give a glance of my apartment like on the kitchen island.

Photo cred: Florentijn Hofman

Photo cred: Florentijn Hofman, a 20m rubber duck becomes a social object.

Definition of a social object

Social objects are not only for sharing and spreading some kind of message. It´s not a just a picture, video, a track or for that matter something digital. It can be like Jeff Koons huge rubber duck above that travelled the world giving a new tweak to contemporary art.

A social object adds value and it can stand alone. It´s a fire starter for people to unite around and thrive discussions. Just like the picture above.

Social objects are nothing new. It´s been around us always pre dating the internet by far! But Social objects is the core of internet and how it works, it´s what makes the Internet possible. Without the social objects, there would simply be no World Wide Web. Social objects are part of the web’s very DNA. Just pick the cat for an example that become a meme for the web from early  and we share it like crazy. They are a social object per se.


We need the social objects in everyday life. It´s what glues people together. My friend ”Alis” and me skate together. We sometimes talk about it, go skating, buy a new board and so forth. Skateboarding is the social object here and even if we were friends anyhow it draws us even more together. The true nature of a social object.

When on vacation for the weekend to a french castle and you click with the waiter, he och she sniffs up that you share the same interest of Savoie wines and bring you down to their wine celler to explore rare treats it´s hard not to say that the social object here is wines.

Think social

Tap in to the source. Get the feeling. Draw, shoot a movie, do a sculpture, wear a hat, do a tutorial, mix something and and make your social object important, relevant and authentic what ever it is your making. What ever you do make sure to have a few social objects and use Social Boosting in your next marekting campaign.