#SATS, don´t forget your influencers!

As I walked out of SATS after exercise a couple of weeks ago I spotted this selfie spot. I quickly thought to myself; brilliant idea but wrong take. Since then I been keeping an eye on the hashtag through different tracking tools. Guess what!? The hashtag don’t got much traction after 3 weeks.

#jagväljermig_sats_feffe_kaufmann_influencer_marketingThere is plenty of reasons for a person to take a selfie on this spot. First of all as I mentioned before a lot of people do that anyhow during similar circumstances so you would think that 10 PT lessons would be enough encouragement for any exercise junkie or beginner for that matter to take a picture. Apparently not and I´m not surprised. It´s not only because we all are stress out people and it’s standing in the entrance, not where you put on your shoes and stall for a bit. No, just inside the front door.

No real tracktion


Among the 435 000 members that attend the different SATS gyms around the country with an average frequency of 48 times a year per person (21 million visits during 2013 divided with amount of members) one would hope to find more than 190 posts by 161 people. With this numbers one can roughly assume that every member hits the gym once a week except during four weeks of vacation. So it´s not totally wrong to also assume that 300 000 people might have seen this during the last three weeks since every SATS market this campaign towards 435 000 members. Also summer is over and the gyms are now crowded again.

If you take 191 posts divided with 300 000 persons your conversion rate would end up at 0,000637. Sure it´s almost 3 weeks left on the campaign and my rough calculations are qualified guesses, but still. I just mean that there a lot of small thing SATS could have done to already get more traction on the hashtag #JagVäljerMig. 

If you visited the link above you probably stumbled on some interesting numbers, didn´t you?

Of course you did! And so did I.

My take on this campaign

What SATS got to be interested in is to build more brand awareness combined with outing their knowledge with in all field exercise and rehab to benchmark themselves against competition. Also to target all the different people coming to SATS.

What SATS haven’t thought of is that everyone going to the gym already put themselves in first place. They HAVE already chosen themselves. Just like the hashtag, #jagväljermig (#Ichooseme). It´s nothing new and it doesn’t really give you a clear connection to what message SATS want to send out. The bottom line for SATS is to care about all types of people no matter what background and physic shape they are in and help ALL OF THEM reach their goals and dreams. Why not #NåMittMål (#reachmygoal). It speaks more to everyone.

So what helping number did you find hiding in the link above that was of true interest?

There were two that I found extremely interesting. 160 gyms and 7000 SATS employees. Who can be better influencers that them? The are motivated and most of them already influence people to get better, stronger and so on. Most of the gyms have Facebook fan pages and most of the people working at SATS have their own social media channels. Wouldn´t this be a great way to launch this campaign and fill the hashtag with activity from day one.

If only 10% of the employees took a picture and shared with the hashtag it would have the possibility to reach 0ver 150 000 people only on Facebook. (The average person in Sweden have 216 friends. 216 x 700). I guess most personal trainers got more then that since they are by nature very social.

Every gym also have their large amount of returning customers. I often exercise the same time and it doesn’t take long until you start to recognize the true entusiasts that goes there almost every day of the week. Let a PT from every SATS convince 2 persons in every gym to join the competition and post a picture. Then give them all a small training kit or similar for taking their time. Most probably that will be posted too. To often there´s small mistakes that can easily be tweaked to success. Like here for instance.