You don’t fulfil a dream by yourself

Most mornings for the last two years I write in my blue book dedicated to saying thanks to ten things, after reading the andersfogh blog I decided to also put it online. So everyday I bow my head down och put my right hand on my heart and say thanks three times to each thing I written as I whisper it silent to myself. Some of them are generic and I write them every time because I think they are that important, learn about outsourcing tasks. The second thing I always write is; ”I’m so grateful for all the help and service I will receive during the day from people I meet”.

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6 principles of persuasion for sales and marketeers

The power of persuasion have been under the loupe through out history of man. The last 60 years it been more sciencetifically researched. Persuasion expert Robert Cialdini illustrates his famous Six Principles while he narrates in this 12 min long and well worth its time animation:

4 characteristics of Generation Z you need to know for better communication strategies

Third day at #ESOMAR Summer Camp I attended the workshop Understanding the NextGens (Generation Y & Z) to create future proof branding and communication strategies. It was an excellent workshop and this blog post reflects key learnings about Generation Z aka GenZ.

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Brilliant movie explaining consent with tea and why it will work

Words are not necessary here. This brilliant short story movie explains a word, in the most simple and brilliant way, thats in need of absolute respect and understanding; consent.  

Support women and girls in Sweden here. 

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6 important things you should know about how your brain learns

6 ways our brain learns feffe kaufmann communication psychologychange is constant

I always had a keen eye for the brain and psychology, but not in an American Psycho way. It wasn´t until recently I started to read more about it. At the moment I´m reading a fascinating book named Batman and psychology which I warmly recommend. And the other day a very interesting blog post crossed my path which I´m now reblogging. It´s originally written by Belle Beth Cooper on the Crew blog and it gives us a bit of insights of how we learn and action points.  [Read more…]