13 links for social and digital media to stay on top of the game #MidWeekNickle

With two friday the 13th in the last months the number of links was inevitable. This months edition; Twitter is on the move, Facebook might caused you a drop of likes on your page, inspiration and what makes a photo memorable! All this in the … [Continue reading]

1 (3). Convenient tools for a blogger, corporate or personal

For the last couple of months I been a part of starting up several corporate blogs. I been frequently asked questions about blogging so I figured why not blog about blogging. This will be the first post out a serial of three and it covers the tools … [Continue reading]

13 digital and social links in you need to read to stay on top MNW.16

The MidWeekNickle is returns to give a smart collection of digital and social media links you need to read to stay on top of if you are a marketeer. Communication is essential and in our ever changing digital world it´s hard to keep track of … [Continue reading]

I wish it was this easy; the best times to post in social media

I often get the question when should post on different channels? Recently posted on Quicksprout`s blog was an infographic about best times to post on different social media platforms. One first must understand that this is large data quantities … [Continue reading]

6 important things you should know about how your brain learns

I always had a keen eye for the brain and psychology, but not in an American Psycho way. It wasn´t until recently I started to read more about it. At the moment I´m reading a fascinating book named Batman and psychology which I warmly recommend. And … [Continue reading]

We Are Social´s global annual report on digital, social and mobile

Every year We Are Social releases one of the biggest reports in the field of mobile, digital and social. The 376 page long Shareslide contains everything from global to specific market statistics. Before you plunge into it I extracted 10 amazing … [Continue reading]

14 enlightening digital and social links in #MNW3

The MidWeekNickle is back, HOORAY! Happy resumption of the new year for you all and lets embrace all the new challenges as we slowly go into 2015. The smartphone came and revolutionised our lives moving from second to first screen. Digital and social … [Continue reading]

Social objects will dictate future marketing

As I was writing a report for a client I reused a sketch that LeKa Solutions designed as a "Social Object" that unfortunately never saw they light of day because our client thought it was a bit to bold for them. When writing the report I came to … [Continue reading]

#minifixar – creating value and stories worth telling

Now when the snow started to fall I´d figured I´d finally take the time to write a summer post about Almedalen and what I thought was among the only campaigns that actually brought value to the people that was in Visby during the ”politician week”. … [Continue reading]

#MidWeekNickle returns full of digital progression in 42:nd edition

The power of artificial intelligens will soon be in every app developers hands. Soon the next door shop will hit you with ads as your walking around the corner scrolling through Facebook. And people using Instagram shows everyday life in Ukraine … [Continue reading]