More about me


I’m a man who loves contrasts and breaking everyday patterns. Everything I done in life have been to realize my passions in what ever way they been presented. My ambition is to work globally. I love snow covered mountains and deep oceans, they both bring me tranquility. Give me a tank and I could easily just lie on the bottom until the air is finished and watch the ripples on the surface.

If I’m not doing that I get energy for exploration, friends, new encounters, books, the web, documentaries, my Iphone, exercise, people and skateboarding. ultures and new destinations makes my heart pound a bit extra.

Today I’m a freelance consultant within the domains of digital marketing and social media. I also do inspirational lectures, workshops and much more. I have been running educations on both IHM and Linköping Yrkes högskola.  I worked with a great variety of clients from startups to well known international brands as well as with several municipalities around Sweden. Visit my LinkedIn or send me mail for any enquires.