More about me


I’m a man who loves contrasts and breaking everyday patterns. Everything I done in life have been to realize my passions in what ever way they been presented. My ambition is to work globally. I love snow covered mountains and deep oceans, they both bring me tranquility. Give my a tank and I could easily just lie on the bottom for a whole dive and watch the ripples on the surface. If I´m not doing that I get energy from my son, friends, new encounters, books, the web, documentaries, my Iphone, exercise, people, skateboarding, cultures and new destinations makes my heart pound a bit extra.

Today i´m a Co-Founder of a digital branding agency named LeKa Solutions. It´s a short for my partners and mine surnames; Lewenhaupt Kaufmann Solutions. Its a young and energetic agency full of confidence and we work with a great variety of clients. It´s a great and fun challenge and I have never been so happy going to work as I am today! Maybe when I worked in a ski station or with diving ;)! I guess we all go through different phases in life and change our joys in life! Check out these links if you wanna have a look at my resume on LinkedIn or send me mail.