My top 10 favorite hacks from #HackDisrupt in Berlin



An amazing sneaky start to the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2013. At Berlin Arena, one hackathon, 24 hours, almost 90 teams of hackers and loads of great ideas but only one winner. 

Though the air was a bit chilly in Berlin Arena the the boiling pot of creativity was anything but cold. Smoking hot would more describe it!

There where a lot of different hacks that caught my attention. Some a bit simpler and other ones more advanced. I gonna list my favorite top ten. Some are actually up and running already, other ones maybe never will be.

Here’s my top ten. They are not ranked in any particular way. I think they all have their advantage points and do different cool stuff. If you wanna see them all you should check out this link.

Here we go:

1. The Social Times

Imagine a newspaper completely fit for you. The Social Times is an online newssite that fetches your Twitter information and analyses the relevance of links shared by those who you follow. This way, we provide you with the best possible articles matching your interests in a clean overview. Done with losing time by clicking all the links individually! All the information is structured in a user-friendly way on one page.

Perfectly to stay up-to-date with the latest news that really matters.



2. Sauber Bam

Have you ever had a fight with your flatmate in a kitchen piled to the ceiling with dishes and stuffed with trash? SauberBam! visualizes your flat’s chores and the performance of your flatmates in a fun and easy way. Competition energizes your flat to action! SauberBam! Just A Sample of The Chores That Can Be SauberBammed!: * Taking out the trash * Cleaning the bathroom * Washing the dishes


3. Fork my Religon

Belief systems are broken. Why not fix this by allowing people to collaborate to create new belief systems that are suitable for the modern planet. If you think your god and wanna create a belief for people to follow you this is your platform.



4. GraffCity

The app that turns your smartphone into a graffiti can. Create virtual graffiti on the spot and find your artwork – and the artwork of others around you – on google streetview. A virtual graffiti scene is born. Has a livestream option.


5. A Colorful Gift

A Colorful Gift allows wedding couples to crowdfund their honeymoon among their friends in a playful way.


6. Earthpact

EarthPact wants you to break your single-use plastic habits (and save the Earth while you’re at it). A sustainable hack from a guy that always tries to make a difference.


7. Muses

A search engine that enhances streaming music online by providing cross-platform-search. Spotify, Soundcloud, ITunes are all in there. Supercool!


8. Robbonect

Robbonect helps you network more efficiently on big conferences, putting all socially active folks around and allowing you to connect/follow everyone in 1 shot.




Knowledge as a service, ask anything about everything. Someone always knows. Collective intelligence at your service. Crowdsourcing knowledge within your community. The power of many.


10. Luft 

Luft allows developers to easily build in hand geometry sign up and identification (via LEAP motion) to their web enabled projects. Luft consists of embeddable buttons and works simiar to an oAuth protocol, but it’s end user doesn’t need to remember any passwords or carry any keys. Luft is the next level of user identification.


11. THE WINNER – Foursquare preCheck-in

The foursquare preCheck-in gives users the possibility to let people know about locations they plan to visit. Thus both the user and his friends learn about their similiar travel plans and can align them to be able to see each other. From a commercial perspective this feature allows businesses to offer relevant services (hotels, rental cars) for the upcoming travels that are shared with the community.