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Photo taken from Dagens Media

Now when the snow started to fall I´d figured I´d finally take the time to write a summer post about Almedalen and what I thought was among the only campaigns that actually brought value to the people that was in Visby during the ”politician week”. The car brand Mini really delivered a campaign that lived true to its brand identity: Like a friend!

The Almedalen week is a hectic with over 3200 seminars, thousand of people from all kind of background, positions and agendas. There´s everything from top politicians to plain visitors and everything in-between.

Incredible amount of money is spent from all different directions in attempt to be seen and heard. To be honest, a lot of them don´t get value for the money. Most often all communication efforts fall flat no matter if it´s digital or analog. In 90 precent of the cases it more resembled old time Proctor & Gamble advertising; one way communication with no thought what so ever of the end receiver. Just push, push, push.

This is where Mini came and made me happy like a sun again. They actually did the same campaign as they did the year before, but then I didn´t have the statistics and comparisons to write this blog post. Now I have Thanks to Lissly. Mini brought value in their campaign to people in direct connection to their brand identity. Sure its just a fraction of the people that are the target group but the experience Mini gave to people and they message they sent is genuine and might just give that little push for a wobbling buyer.

– The goal was only to bring compassion, we didn´t do this to increase sales. What we wanted was to show our brand and live our brand identity. There were no better way of doing this, says Jens Reichert Head of Marketing Sweden.


The idea is simple. Mini arranged some cars (I think it was 4) that was on stand by waiting for a tweet from a person or group in need. What ever people needed Mini fixed it. Morning delivery of tooth paste, a ride to the airport or new under wear. Here´s some of Mini:s own favourites: 

  1. A politician sought desperately after a date. Klas, one of our Mini driver went to the closest hair dresser, bought a suit and booked a table for two.
  2. Another politician got surprised with with cake, song and ballons on her birthday. This happened at 0630 and she got both chocked and happy.
  3. Cancerfonden lost two professors in Visby that had no sense of direction. After a continuous search in the small mid evil allies the where found safe and sound and brought to the venue they were heading.
  4.  A journalist needed a car seat for ”hens” son since they were all rented out on the island. Mini did some magic and saved their week and got them one.
  5.  During a heavy rain Mini handed out hundreds of umbrellas to save many from getting soaked.


During the 6 days the campaign runned Mini managed to accomplish 567 missions, drive 6847 km and engage 461 unique users on Twitter with 1103 tweets, get into 7 blog posts, 147 Instagrams, 5 Facebook posts and couple of articles like in Dagens Media. These measurements were made until the 17th of July so there might be more. This adds up to a total of 1267 mentions and a lot of brand value for the good will and experience Mini brought to people that used their service. Not to forget the amount of people that saw a Mini during the week and the 6847 km driven.

To put this in perspective I added some other commercial brands, political parties and their total amount of mentions in social media. Some political parties are naturally in the top and Mini being a commercial brand did awesome both on the scale of mentions and value meter! High five for awesome work and a brilliant campaign…again!

  • Peab – 25 posts
  • Svenska Kyrkan – 592
  • Rädda barnen – 488
  • Företagarna – 754
  • Ung Cancer – 1047
  • Polisen – 2678
  • Ung Vänster – 176
  • Unionen – 413
  • IOGT-NTO – 318
  • EON – 498
  • Chalmers – 79
  • Telia – 225
  • Unicef – 68
  • FI – 4947
  • M – 4885
  • MP – 7308

*Quote and the list is taken from an article in Dagens Media