#MidWeekNickle Week.8



I´ve jumped straight from week 2 to 8. This is to match the week numbers during the year and to make it easier if anyone for any reason would like to backtrack what happened during the week that passed. So here´s the third edition of #MidWeekNickle! 


A study from U.S. Digital Consumer Report shows the importance of mobile for Facebook and especially Twitter. We also learned from a report which the top 25 mainstream channels are mostly shared on Twitter. Medium is one of them (21st), can this be an interesting platform for content marketing? Read more insight in 10 Insights on How Top Marketers Use Twitter – Report


Last weeks video Facebook Fraud that touched engagement and during its nine minutes. Here Jason Park gives four hints how to get traction, more impressions and engagement for just a dollar a day. Mobile first said before just gets more and more numbers to prove that and a Infographic from Socialbakers reveals the Facebook (social media) stars for january 2014. Also SecondSync made of a study of real time TV and Facebook interactions.

Content Marketing

A very smart positioning move from the newly started agency Kntnt past during the week in Resumé. Thomas Barregren, partner in Kntnt wrote an article claiming that 9 out 10 marketeer who think they do content marketing don´t know what they are talking about. Do you agree?


Beautiful design makes more money. Interesting study made by The Design Management Institute shows that design-driven businesses outperform the competition.

App – Secret

”Facebook as a masquerade ball, Twitter without the self-promotion, Google+’s private sharing done right. It’s the curiosity gap as a social network, and it also serves as a critique of all the others.”, from the article below.

Talk of the week – Cindy Gallop from The Conference 2013

There´s many talk out there worth mentioning and watching and so is this one – watch it and please, tweet or mail me suggestions!