#MidWeekNickle Week.2



A week moves fast and already the second week of #MidWeekNickle are in motion. Theme of picture are always showing amazing places around the globe to inspire sustainability. Lets taste what links worth acknowledge gone by me during the week. 


I wonder if there ever be a week without a Facebook heading, there is always happening something worth mentioning like small inquiry how companies look and feel about advertising on the platform.

LinkedIn growing slowly

For a long time the official number for LinkedIns global fans base has been 250 million. As revenues grow so have also their fan base. LinkedIn has now 277 millilion user where 187 million of them a monthly active.

Twitter are trying out a new design

Mashable Assistant Features Editor Matt Petronzio is apparently part of Twitter’s test group and in this blog post one can see a possible future look of Twitter much borrowed from Facebook. And are you living in Sweden don´t forget to help Hampus Brynolf and Twittercensus make swedish Twitter statistics possible. Do this by following the link below!

Have an eye on these people

Here´s a slideshare to dedicate some time to. 50 strategic planners full of progressive thinking to watch during the year.


Content Marketing is grower all the time. Stumbling over what to create Porten´s Content Idea Creator might just be the link for you. It´s not a bullet proof concept but the wierdest ideas might be the root for greatness. Also if you thinking of getting a new site Land Book might just be where you wanna get some inspiration from. Hooked in print ads, check the link with some really well executed ads!

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Picture cred to Pichost