#MidWeekNickle Week.16 – your social links


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American Airlines makes a Twitter blunder shining weird light on their brand, Facebook are cleaning up the newsfeed, Boatbound deliveras an Airbnb like service for boats and this weeks talk takes us to Kiruna. This and much more in this week edition of the #MidWeekNickle Week .16. 


Almost half of the user base from Twitter don’t even tweet and will Twitter take on the growing user base competition with their new look?

American Airlines got less great attention during the week with an unusual plane crash in a very different cave. Click the link for an unbelievable Twitter misstake.


Facebook is performing a series of improvements to its News Feed to reduce stories that people frequently report as spammy and that they don’t want to see.

The auto play video add kills your data quote if your on a budget.

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.” – Sean Gardner

Social media

Five interesting takes on social media that can be boiled down to put your heart into your communication and content creation. The more engagement you put in the more in return you’ll get.


ThinkUp is a social media analytics tool that attempts to give you meaningful information about how your social media accounts are performing, rather than just measuring arbitrary ‘ranks’ or follower counts, it analyses a number of metrics to give you useful data on ways to improve your social media skills.


Boatbound is following the same trend as many other startups that thinks in a circular economy perspective. Do we all need a boat each? No, since we probably won’t use it all the time.

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Talk of the week

This weeks talk takes you up north to TEDxKiruna with Sader Sidhom about the drive to do something amazing is bigger then failure.

Photo credit: szeke via photopin cc