#MidWeekNickle Week.13 – your social links of the week


Dublin airport 1950 from Flickr Commons – link in the end of the post

Twitters 8th birthday, residents of the US now spend more time on the mobile than any other device or media, guys putting their penis in socks and a great talk about measuring. This and much more in the #MidWeekNickle. 

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Twitter is doing a not very appreciated experiment, taking away the @ replies. 85 % out of 1440 voted against it when I voted (tuesday 25th of march 22:12) on the The Next Web:s survey on their home page. What do you think of the change? I’m pro for its disappearance.


Also check out your first tweet as Twitter celebrated their 8th birthday with releasing this tool.


Learn the basics in advertisement on Facebook.

So this month, it becomes a little bit clearer just what a brand has to do to strike it big on Instagram: take advantage of the fact that talented people who want to make compelling visual content are out there, and are often excited to be able to help spread the word about a brand with a big following for the increased reach it will give their own page. Even if they don’t work with such creative types directly, brands can certainly learn from them. Some examples of these prime lessons? Post consistently, both in message and in frequency. On that same note, make sure that your account can be found easily, and that users only have to find one account to know it is the brand’s offici­al one.

Philip Ross Socialbakers


Socialbakers is keeping an eye on Instagram since more brand turn to that platform to engage their fans and followers. In their monthly studies they present what industries engage the most fans. During january 2014 the alcohol industry topped with over 8% engagement rate per post.

Case movie

Oreo likes surprising and they do great content to their social channels. Like for instance The Oreo cream separator and their sequels. During SXSW they had a wending machine that made custom trending Twitter topic flavored Oreo’s that you could make. It took six weeks and a eight people team to build it. Awesome inspiration to bridge the digital world with the physical; Have a look!

Social media

Digital have no surpassed television in the US and the mobile is getting to be the first screen on many places in the world according to newly-released 2014 AdReaction study from Millward Brown.

Also 5 digital trends spotted at #SXSW2014 by Danny Whatmough



The clean blog platform Medium that delivers a lot of great content is now available as an app, but only for reading.

Want to avoid friends, family and colleagues? Then the app Cloak is for you!


Think the headline says it all…

Talk of the week

This weeks talk is swedish and about what to measure. It´s a must see for everyone that works with digital media and marketing. Brit Stakston curates a panel of six persons that have different takes and angles to their mission. We need to understand the entire chain, not only bits and parts of it.

Photo cred and big ups to Flickr and the Creative Commons, click the link for the original picture