#MidWeekNickle Week.11


A lot different things has happened in the world of social media. #MidWeekNickle gives you the latest news in the form of a link summary so you can kick back and catch up if you had your hand tied during the past week. 


Facebook have during the past year tried different looks but now finally decided on which one to use. During the next month or so we all will have that look. Are you a proud Windows mobile owner? If you are the Facebook messenger app just got released.


Instagram proves to engage the fans 15 times more. At least for the top 249 brands on the platform. Do you experience the same?

Getty Images

Are you an active blogger having difficulties finding pictures to use this might be your helping hand. Getty Images releases 35 million pictures free of charge to be used for bloggers.

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People in the Swedish Tech and Startup Scene

Help Jonas Karlsson (@jskn) to gather all the tech women on this page to encourage more women to choose this awesome path. Spread the word and love. Ted Valentin, Jonny Strömberg and Martina Elm together with Schibsted gives an alternative weekend hackathon. Only 40 spots are available so if you want to join – hit the link faster then lightning!

Talk of the week

These week I looked back at different talks I written about. Here’s a beautiful talk about the marriage between poetry and animation by Billy Collins.

Design and inspiration

Check out Serial Thiller for creative design and inspiration.

The picture above is used by courtesy of Mayon Brenn, Italian photographer – check out more of his pictures on Flickr Creative Commons rule!