#MidWeekNickle Week.10


Week 10. As Sweden been conducting activity holidays all around (sportlov) I dedicate this weeks picture to our gorgeous mountains all around. This beautiful picture is Matterhorn that might resemble a foundation much like Facebook is for social media and building a relationship with your fans, followers and audience.  

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Have you tried coverstion buttonson Facebook. The first link might advice you not to. But then again every product and service is different. Especially the copy.


Great advise how to make it possible and easier for others to promote your posts. The early adoption phase is now maturing and eMarketeer predict a growth between from 41.6 to 48.2 million users.



Dreaming of blocking someone on LinkedIn? Soon you have a chance!

Social media

Fist out in this section is a very important read claiming that most marketeers and Community Managers forget to always add value to their communication. It´s a must read! Also if you want more to read Social Media Delivered listed 20 sites or you to to dig in to.

Is this real? – If it is, Im gonna get one….but it´s not.

Talk of the week – Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story

Amazing TEDtalk about storytelling. Watch it if you haven´t seen it!
Link in case the embeded video don´t work. 

Photographer Unknown (Photo Source)