#MidWeekNickle returns full of digital progression in 42:nd edition


The power of artificial intelligens will soon be in every app developers hands. Soon the next door shop will hit you with ads as your walking around the corner scrolling through Facebook. And people using Instagram shows everyday life in Ukraine during the uprising. All this and more in the #MidWeekNickle 42:nd edition. A tribute to Samuel Adams #THGTTG #42.      

October in Sweden is all about candles. Dark morning and dark evenings. The warmth and the light of candles makes the darkness durable. Just like the #MidWeekNickle is candy for your digital soul!


What would life be without stickers and emoijs. The written life of text messages, updates and so fourth would be a real life horror. Irony wouldn´t come across at all, couples would argue and tear each others eyes out but finally Facebook came to the rescue and allowed them in comments. This goes in line with all the the other social networks that are taking emoijs to the next level.

It´s been written about before on The Moz blog and you can accelerate your reach by only on dollar a day.

Again; are you worried that your privacy will be breeched by Facebook? With Facebook Atlas these concerns were raised but according to Inside Facebook you don´t need to worry… just yet.

If there´s any news in #MidWeekNickle that I´m stoked about than it´s this. This will change how SMB´s will reach new customers and lure in returning ones. I can´t wait to get this up and running for a customer! Especially since 5.4 million Swedes are on Facebook.



Life passes by everywhere but the lens of the camera won´t stop taking picture. There´s mobile phones everywhere and with them comes Instagram. And what it shows is no matter what your government do people won´t stop showing others what outfit their wearing.

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Twitter is trying out the possibilities to make polls

Digital marketing

Ok, I lied above. Possibilities to make ads through Facebook by location is awesome but this will blow your mind! I won´t even write any more. This is a full blown must read!

During a night in september the digital platform and tool Traackr gathered some marketeers to talk about influencer marketing. In the article you find all the talks embedded. NCreative Director Nils von Heijne from Pronto PR, Senior Strategist Sara Hernadez  from Comprend 

Social media & more

Many follow their gut when they design. Other base their design on careful research. Doing your design for a customer The Brain Lady gives you hands on the 4 questions you need to know the answer to to succeed with your design.

Talk of the month

I wouldn´t go all the way to say that this is the talk of the month. Nervous as I was on my first streamed talk am still proud to have survived. On this talk I talk about what I think is the 5 cornerstones of influencer marketing. I did a fairly good job but their is a lot to work with. Have mercy on me but please tell me what you think or point me in the direction of a speaker coach (that won´t rob me)!

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