Midweek Nickle vol.1 #MidWeekNickle


Every wednesday I´m gonna present links thats either past me during the week or are just worth shedding some light on again! Look at it as a your weekly web goody bag of links. To keep track of all the post regarding Midweek Nickle I created a hashtag that I always will post this under – #MidWeekNickle. It´s not the full money worth but its sure worth a nickle! So lets do this – its wednesday baby and here´s some links! 

Facebook 10 years!

I guess most people haven´t missed that Facebook turned 10 years this week. Because of this two links will enlighten different aspects of this. As a strategic birthday present to us users Facebook released Facebook Paper. An app and a new way to browse your newsfeed.

Map your LinkedIn connections


I love visualizations. Here you get a map of your LinkedIn connections presented in a cluster with different colours for different groups. Check it out!

Internet + movie = fun

There´s not really much to say, but the equation of people with to much spare time and a camera is just perfect!

Tool and help

Interesting but out of context