Key global statistics on social, digital & mobile from jan 2014


To start a bit philosophical we are getting more united by the day. At least when it comes to internet penetration and connectivity. Before the human race start acting and thinking as one with a sustainable view will probably take some time. Until then We Are Social in Singapore put together a great Slideshare with key statistics about social, digital and mobile globally.

Not long ago the agency We Are Social Singapore released a massive Slideshare with data. Scandinavia is not included but a lot of stats gives a direction for us all globally. Western Europe is on the second place with internet penetration of 78 precent with North America beating us with three putting them on 81 precent. Followed by Oceania on 63 precent and Central and Eastern Europe on 54 precent.

So far there´s only one continent exceeding 50 precent in social penetration and thats North America followed by Western Europe, Oceania and South America all on 44 precent.

A mindblowing statistic is that there are as many mobile subscribers equally to 93 precent of the global population. This is a very faulty truth since a lot of people including me got two each. Some maybe more. In the slides you see that there are many region exceeding 100 precent mobile penetration.

Brazil tops the daily internet use per person with more then 6 hours while the Argentineans are the ones spending the most hours per day on the social platforms with over 4 h/day. Large in both Brazil and India is Orkut powered by Google, a social platform which are among the top ones. Have you ever been on Orkut? I just signed up! Find me or tell me what you like and dislike about it!