Interested in Influencer Marketing? Join us the 18th september!

Interested in Influencer Marketing? Book the evening of the 18th september and join the talks and discussions! Register at the link below!

Influencer Marketing should be a corner stone in most marketing strategies. During my talk I boiled down to what I think is essential to think of no matter what or which campaign. And no, I won´t talk about goals and target groups. Thats is key anyhow. I’m gonna adress what I think is the five building blocks of Influencer Marketing in any scenario.

The evening will consist of four keynote sessions and a panel discussion, as below:

Welcome and intro from Nicolas Chabot, Traackr VP EMEA

Deeped Niclas Strandh, Creative Planner, United Power: Why is influencer marketing important for brand communications?
Sara Hernandez, Digital Strategist, Comprend: How to increase your influencer marketing by involving your employees?
Feffe Kaufmann, Co-founder, LeKa Innovation: Hands on advice on how to engage with influencers.
Nils von Heijne, Creative Director, Pronto: A case study on how to measure online influence and the impact influencers have on a brand Panel session: How to measure digital influence and the ROI for brands?

Moderator: Peter Mackhé, Editor, Panelists: Nils von Heijne, Nicolas Chabot, Jeanette Agnrud, Head of Communications, Sveriges Kommunikatörer and Brit Stakston, Media Strategist.

To join the conversation and attend the event, simply register HERE.

Thanks to our social video partner FKDV, the event will be live streamed – details to come soon. And here you find more about the speakers and the panelists:

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