I quit my job, in therapy and now got a son – Embrace change


Maria, a good friend of mine and I were having a coffee in the beginning of this year taking about the future. We high five’d each other and made a promise to ourselves that 2014 would be a year of change and OUR year. I must say that our promise we made to ourselves have already becoming my reality. 

I seldom write personal post but this april has been crazy in so many ways that I need to put this in writing. I have a dream to balance my work and my leisure time to the extent that I can feel happy at all time no matter what I do. I want to have the flexibility to follow my passions and manage my own time. Especially now since I have an beautiful son.

There’s so much great stuff happening around me at the moment that makes it impossible to not take the opportunity to strive for the life I really want. Most of the things I can’t speak about but the planets a definitely inlined with Feffe this year! I just love whats happening and I’m embracing change with such happiness that whatever happens it will be a success. And most of all I’m growing into a proud father that wanna change and become as good person as I possibly can. I done my fair share of fuck ups, for sure I’m not a saint, now I will actively rethink my actions.


Therapy begins

The amount of injuries that been following me the last 5 years has really killed my motivation and inner spark which gradually driven me into a depression. It has been a hard time going thru my studies and all the changes even though I really love the journey that I done. I was so happy and started to rebuild my mental and physical strength, regaining my mobility after my back surgery that put me into bed for over 1,5 years. Then I broke my thumb badly and did surgery again. But after crashing on my skateboard and breaking both my foot and leg forcing me to walk on crutches for 2,5 months my engine exploded and darkness appeared. I sought help.

Now as my foot and leg is getting stronger and finally got thru all instances and examinations I got a therapist assigned to me. My second session is tomorrow and I’m so looking forward to it.

Our very first meeting - we have the same kind of nitted hoddies :)

Our very first meeting – we have the same kind of nitted hoddies 🙂

I´m a father

There’s no bad timing for a Samson! It happen suddenly and I haven’t really grasped the magnitude of this just yet. Sure it will come. What I do know is that I’m genuinely super happy and I’m in love with that little cute drooling baby monster.

I got the letter five weeks ago and read it four times in a row before I sat down in the sofa ending up browsing Hemnet most of the night looking for a larger apartment outside the city, close to green areas and with child friendly neighborhood. My mind was spinning in light speed. I guess you can call it a rational chock. Now he´s here, and I’m so glad that his mother opened up for the opportunity for me to be a part of this magic. The rest is history but the future is brighter then ever. Welcome Samson into my life, I will give you all my love and do everything I can for you – always <3!

Stay wild and true to yourself

Stay wild and true to yourself

Bye bye The Amazing Society

It isn’t you, it’s me. I changed, my life changed and – I want change. I want to spread my own wings and take on things the I care about, follow my passions and do great stuff. I am a free soul; hard to keep down. I always followed my heart and I have to keep on doing it. We only live one life and I always intended to make the most out of it. I traveled the world, followed my passions and now I feel chained. This peaceful killer whale needs to swim freely or he sufficates. I can´t be caged up in Disneyland if you know what I mean. I’m wild and wilderness is a part of me. Thanks for all, the time we had together and best of luck.

Rasmus Lewenhaupt and me have already started to set thing in motion. Also there are other great people in my surrounding that will help us and each other to accomplish awesome stuff together. More information will come later but if you feel that you and us can create greatness together I welcome you to contact me for future collaboration. Mail me att feffekaufmann@gmail.com for a unpretentious lunch, meeting or coffee in the sun! Or just contact me for any reason, I love meeting new people.

With this said my next tattoos will be: ”Embrace change” and there’s a spot waiting for Samson’s name to be immortalized over my heart. Life is awesome!