Helping to make a difference for Unicef


Photo cred: Henrik Ahlén

During 2,5 days nine different talents hand picked by Phorecast and put into three different teams set out on a fun and mindblowing journey; to develop one concept per team for the future of fundraising to help less fortuned children of the world through Unicef. Our team, The Green Team, won the pitch and the vote of audience.

You must understand the emotional tie I had to this project. Not long ago I became an unexpected father. Yepp, you read right; I now have a five months old son. The news came to me as a total surprise when Samson (my son) was only two months old. So when being asked to participate in this project with Unicef and loads of creative people that I never met (except one) I got goose bumps. Of course I dropped everything for this.

The setup

Marketing Director Jim Carlberg and Senior Corporate Officer Anton Nyman from Unicef  arranged this with the help of  Tomas Seo and Henrik Ahlén from Phorecast. Phorecast put together three teams with three people in each team. They where carefully selected to complement each others strengths and weaknesses and even in some sense create friction. We all gathered at JS Communications facilities on Kungsholmen an early wednesday morning for breakfast and the brief and made it our home for the next coming 2,5 days.

Even though the team workshops would end up in a pitch competition to win honor for the labour and creativity of the concept created you all must understand that the ultimate winners was Unicef and the children of the world. That´s at least how I saw it. But igniting a bit of competitive stress pushed us all more and in the end of the day Unicef would still own all ideas anyhow. Sure it made it even more fun to be in winning team but this way of working is amazingly productive and super fun and I for sure will use again.

The Teams

Red Team

Deborah Lygonis Business consultant at Great Clarity and a jury member of Venture Cup. .Johan Johansson Brand consultant at Xlent Strategy. Emma Lindahl Visual Designer at the agency Ocean Observations.

Green Team

Robert Dysell Research and Development at Acne and founder of Planner Fed a network for account planners. Joanna Sundström PR and communication consultant, specialized in art, travel, food and innovation. Feffe Kaufmann Digital officer, community builder and concept developer at Spin Lab and now part of The Louder Family.

Blue team

Martin Nordin Senior Art Director at IKEA, with a background from major advertising agencies such as GREY. Long experience from concept development, digital interaction and retail marketing. Kristina Landerström Expert in professional event management, sponsorships and meeting formats. Project and meeting manager at her company Metamorphos. Johan Lindskog Journalist, photographer and creative director. Today he runs the idea agency EGG.


Robert, Feffe, Jim and Joanna – Photo cred: Henrik Ahlén

2,5 days of research, brainstorming and concept building

As you might understand I can´t reveal much, not even a thing to be honest except that we who participated in the Green Team had loads of fun, got stressed out of our heads, anxiety, didn´t have time to get to know the other teams that well, got nervous, had headaches, laughed, got tired, felt empty, swirled with energy and finally won the pitch. A totally amazing adventure and experience.

All of us being or becoming parents hold this triumph close at heart. Also we are all so proud to been given this opportunity to help Unicef. They do make a difference and they are transparent with where the money goes and ends up. 89 % of last years revenues went straight to aiding children in one way or another. Unicef averages 89-90% every year of the total income as a source for needing children.

Of course I also became a World parent (Världsförälder), and I urge you to become one too! With that said I wanna thank Phorecast, Unicef and all the teams for some seriously fun days and hope to see you again. <3