Happy 10th anniversary Facebook – Yes, I truly mean it!


I guess Facebook will trend today being exactly ten years to the date from its launch in a dorm on Harvard University. From 0 to 1228 million users in 10 years, that is a remarkable journey!
I remember getting home and receiving a mail from a traveling friend asking me to join Facebook so we could keep contact better. So I did; This was in may 2007. Now numerous friend connections later a lot of my life circulate through Facebook.

I used to have an inner dislike against Facebook. I can´t put my finger on it why. But as more people started to generally complain over the platform I started to add the advantages against the disadvantages which made me to come to the conclusion that it Facebook actually are helping me in many ways. With this in mind and as the years past I must say that Facebook in my eyes come to add more to the advantage list then the other way around.

Being 2014 now I guess its almost a crime to say that I like Facebook and I do. It makes my life much easier in so many ways and that is of course because of the amount of friend and family I have there.


Thanks Facebook for giving me a digital ID mark!

I wonder if Facebook never would have grown the way it did, would we have the same behavior on the web? Remember in the beginning when we all had strange avatars and names? I for sure do! My name was Rymdkeff (hard one to translate so I leave it resting) and I still have my first email account with that name for signing up to different sites and account for keeping my real account spam free. Anyhow, life is so much easier just being one and for me having a pretty unique name its no big deal signing up.

So what do the future bring?

Facebook will stick around for a while more since most people has this fascination of the projection of their desired life. Facebook is like an Instagram filter between most peoples real life and how they want their life to look. We all are a part of this in some ways and it goes hand in hand with the last decades eager try for self-fulfillment and cult of personality.



Facebook want to be our future newspaper with their new app The Facebook Paper. But also taking a grip of advertisement, specially the mobile section. Both the stock and the company is doing so much better now and they are finally finding their business model. So I guess we will see them around for a bit!

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