Get more social value with Facebook Wi-Fi

During my three weeks in the Philippines every little shack, restaurant, hotel and bar offered free Wifi. Not only are they incredibly social media savvy but they knew how to use the channels too. Thinking of them and many more similar establishments around the world I believe the new released Facebook Wi-fi will fit them like a hand in a glove to gain social value. 

Facebook Wi-Fi lets customers check in to participating businesses on Facebook for free Wi-Fi access. When people check in to your Page, you can share offers and other announcements with them.

The beauty of this that its not fan gated. People can access the free Wi-Fi without being forced to like your business fan page which would give you fans and customers really interested of you and what you do. It seems fairly simply to setup, the only thing is that Facebook Wi-Fi will only work with three different routers so far, but they working on extending it.

It might be a little late for Sweden where most people have 3G or 4G phones but there are still loads of laptop nomads roaming around working from cafes. Facebook Wi-Fi offers a new and unique way of growing your community with people that actually visit you, spend their time in your place and care. Curious about Facebook Wi-Fi, check out the link above!