Gaming will engage 5.1 million Swedes 2020

feffekaufmann marketing gaming gamification NIPDreamhacks, professional gamers, fashion wear, grand prizes and getting gamer star status are just few things that are exploding globally. During 2020 the revenue around gaming will more the double as well exceed more than 5.1 million active Swedish gamers ranging between 16 and 55+; which play different types of games, from shooting games to adventure games like World of Warcraft, or even no deposit online casino games you can get info about where to play those at, where you can even buy Classic Wow Gold for the game at

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Gamification will level up engaging marketing

The use of gamification in marketing will become one hot potato in the coming years. The last couple of years a lot have been said, keynote speakers have adressed the subject, blog post have been written but not as much have been done, especially not in Sweden. Some brands have during the last couple of years already capitalised on this engaging way of brand awareness and marketing but there’s still heeps of possibilities and market shares to steel, even more small business.

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Sweden own super stars – NIP

The use of the new super stars within gaming is getting more and more common which is absolutely logical since the large amount of Gen Z’s playing digital games and using different accessories like the best smallest wireless earbuds or others to improve their performance .

The E-sport organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) coming from Sweden have been more frequently seen i advertising. Above the crew even got their own burger at McDonalds.