Everything happens for a reason, here we go Techcrunch Disrupt Europe!


Just a month ago the idea of starting to blog in english spawned. Now going to Berlin as a blogger for the 2013 Techcrunch Disrupt Europe event it seems natural to do my first blog entry in english.

Except the fact that I love what digitalization made for the world, uniting people and giving us the opportunity to interact widely both privately and with corporations, it also gives me a chance to work globally. Having this intention from day one when I applied to Medieinstitutet I never made much effort of realizing this objective during my studies.

Hey world!

During a ten years period of my life I spent at least one third of the year abroad away from Sweden both traveling and working as a Divemaster guiding people. Dont get me wrong, I love Sweden but there’s so much more to experience than to stay in the same spot at all time. A dream I always carried with me is to live part of the year in a house close to the beach in a location very similar to Indonesia where I can work online, have an easy life in boardershorts and flip flops, learn how to surf and have excellent diving around the corner.

Blogging in swedish doesn’t really connect me with the world, people and international opportunities. Since I’m going to Berlin on the 25th to the 28th of october to the Techcrunch Disrupt Europe as a blogger it seems only natural that this is the time to convert into english, or at least part of the blog entries.

So far I haven’t decided yet whether to convert entirely to english, have both a swedish and an english blog or just on blog in both languages but on the same domain. I guess this will cristallize it self on the way as I go. Do you have any opinions in this please share them with me. Either way this is a great start and I´m stoked going to my first international digital event.



My expectations

Techcrunch Disrupt mostly targets the world wide tech startup scene but I hope there will be elements of digital communication as well. There’s plenty of speakers from many different fields ranging everywhere from VC’s to startup founders. It will be a great place to visit and I’m thrilled to soon experience an international event at a larger scale.

In a way I don’t have a clue what to expect so that kind of humbles my overall expectations. It’s been a while since I went to an event, last one was Sweden Social Web Camp in august, so I’m just looking forward to mingle around and dip my toes into uncharted waters and strike up conversations with people.

The startup scene has always been interesting since they are one piece of the modern cristal ball helping us to glimpse into the future to come. Also they tend to develop existing services and products, or even invent new which make it even more interesting. To always develop is key, its in our DNA and the DNA of startups.

In Sweden we have an event of our own that targets startups called Startup Day that gathers many creative people and their startups showing whats going on here. Next one will be in April 2014 and I’m looking forward to that one as well.

One of the most exciting things is that in contrast to swedish events I will know absolutely nobody in Berlin. However I’d love to bump into friendly faces but so far I haven’t heard of anyone that I know of that will be in there. If your going, let me know!

I guess this opportunity emerged for a reason like most things in life. One thing leads to another, the magical chain of life. This is why I will start blogging in english, to reach out and try to connect with people outside swedish borders.