#DisruptBerlin: Wibki wants to disrupt our browser experience


#DisruptBerlin really sparked some new energy into my autumn tired being. Walking down the Startup Alley really made an positive impact on me as always. I love startups and new ideas. In this article I will present Wibki, an Israeli Startup that I met in Berlin that wanna change our browser experience. 

Walking around the Startup Alley I came to shake hands with Shachar Pessis, co-founder of Wibki. He presented a service which is a visualized hybrid of Stumble Upon that goes personal and have really interesting coming feature from my point of view.

We have set sail in building a new browsing experience for the web. Sounds ambitious? It is! The idea behind Wibki is simple. A single location to access all of your favorite websites with an easy visual representation. These bookmarks are saved on the cloud and you can access them from any browser or any device from any place in the world.

Wanna join?

In the near future Wibki will release the possibility to follow friends and other people and discover how they browse the web, what pages the frequently visit and for how long. This is for me really intriguing and I would love to start a hidden group for like 20 people that all join Wibki and let people see how and where they surf. This naturally have to be the off-work-surfing since a lot of the surfing done during working hours are related to customers and can overturn NDA:s.

Its all about transparency for good or bad! If you don’t want people to see where and what you surf you simple use a browser outside Wibki, says Shachar Pessis

If anyone would be interested tp participate in this when the feature are released please let me know in the comment section. I think this might give some cool insights in different we how we all use the web. Myself I just started to use Wibki and haven’t had time to implement many sites to the service.