#Cygatedagarna entertains with Mats Lewan & Andreas Ekstrom


The IT heavy event of #cygatedagarna kicked off in a mellow and relaxed way letting people getting to know each other in an epic setting in Friends arena. Only 3-400 people had the entire arena by themselves.
When a bell starting to ring furiously and the crowd of people starting moving like a herd toward the main stage.

I really liked that Cygate connected the people in the audience through their smartphones with the speakers. The organizers had the numbers to all the participants in the event so by texting us all with a link which enables the people to ask questions to the speakers.

Ebba blitz welcomes Cygates new CEO Patrik Olsson who also opens the event. With over 20 years of experience from the business he knows that most of the people he works with prefers spending their friday night with a technical manual then any other thing. Sure, its a joke but as Cygate gather people with a passion for what they do so its just natural that they love progressing technology. The goal for Cygate the next coming 5 years is to become number one for datacenters, storage and security.

Smart machines with sensors will explode on the market. It can be anything from ventilation to and video system. Here we are not talking about a IOS device connected to sensors. Think cars, robots, trains, internet of things.

If we gonna create certificates and digital ID:s like we do then we need security around that.

Mats Mägiste


Mats Lewan delivering his keynote at #cygatedagarna

Mats Lewan about processors, digital forces and more

In my point of view Mats Lewan, journalist from Ny Teknik and Next Magazine, delivered an the most entertaining keynote and he was promised to scare the audience with his keynote. Working like he does its impossible to even look away from the screen because of the enormous stream of technology progression. New thing are invented all the time.

Moore’s Law is a computing term which originated around 1970; the simplified version of this law states that processor speeds, or overall processing power for computers will double every two years which gonna lead up to 2029 with Strong AI. 2045 Mats predicts processors will have the capacity equal to all the brains in the world that are connected to each other.

Mats also identified a number of digital forces and sectors of the market that will change fundamentally in the coming future

The 7 digital forces

  1.  Ctrl + C = Zero cost – a digital copy costs nothing and it disrupts many sectors
  2.  Publish with one click – its that easy
  3.  Share with one click – very easy too
  4.  Internet – connectivity – collective intelligence
  5.  Internet – information – we receive more information during a week than a person did during their entire life time in the end of mid ages
  6.  Internet – the mix of all digital data, services and so forth
  7. AI – algoritms and robots might lead science and inventions further then we ever can imagine

7 sectors that will change fundamentally

  1. Media – auto generated articles, the death of the journalist
  2. Health Care – Quantified Self and much more
  3. Transport – automated cars will never get in a que, sensors, connectivity
  4. Finance – stock market, Recorded Future, robots
  5. Retail  – what happens when no ones goes to a store…
  6. Education – Khan Academy, Edx, MOOC, Flipped Classroom
  7. Law and Justice – the end of lawyers, the paradox –  you can´t be free and secure at the same time


Andreas Ekström explains why he pinpointed Google

Andreas Ekström culture journalist held a very entertaining keynote and of course it all circulated around Google. Do you get a chance to see him, do it. When he was asked why he pinpointed Google he pored some statistics over us.

  • Google has 89% global market share for search
  • In Sweden 97%
  • 1 out of 20 check the second and third place.
  • We google 38700 times per second
  • During the president election in US – 49/50 states the candidate winner was the most googled person
  • Google flu trends matches real hospital statistics
  • Google trends and YouTube as indicators for winners in large events like Eurovision song contest – real time emotional sensor for the world. Its to much data to ignore.
  • The most interesting transaction is between YOU and Google. Not the other way around

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Elia Mörling took som e extensive notes during the day and posted them on his blog. Have a look on Tribaling for slides and more! Its also his picture on Andreas Ekström – thanks for sharing Elia!