Brilliant movie explaining consent with tea and why it will work

Words are not necessary here. This brilliant short story movie explains a word, in the most simple and brilliant way, thats in need of absolute respect and understanding; consent.  

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Why this movie works

This animated movie is a great example how a message can be delivered in a cheap but utterly effective format that triggers both emotions and lights up several parts of the brain cementing the message into us.

It creates both memories and a subject to talk about which fuel both online and offline word of mouth. It contains a very important element, the ”what-a-fuck-factor” when combining tea with the heavy baggage of consent in a story. Our brains loves stories. Simplified it gives us a start, a middle and a an ending thats more adaptable to how our brain works.

The movie firstly aims straight for our primary emotions. A primary emotion is happiness, sadness, anger and so on. The humour in the short story trigger emotions and there by opens our attentions to a higher degree. This gives a neurological touch to the message sublimely spoken through out the story line to get stuck in our brain as it and leaves a memory. This is the main objective in commercials today. Either it´s done the P&G way with repetitiveness or through creative concepts or many other ways for that matter, have a look at fun play playground markings.  You won´t sell if not remembered, you won´t support a child fund if not connected to their message and you won´t change your all time favorite ketchup for another if not evoked curiosity or simliar (emotion).

Secondary the movie talks to our higher emotions that also creates a longterm relationship with the brain. These emotions are self-conscious like values and moral. You interpret the scenes into totally different ones (no need to mentions what kind of scenes). This activates the brain constantly as you also get the primary emotional highs from occasional laughter, and guess what? It´s like getting in bed with the brain, neurons a wiring and firing up and getting a deeper relationship with the brain to make the message stick making you even more likely to remember what you saw and their message.

All this makes it a brilliant short movie with a message.

What could be improved

The two thing that I find is possible to improve with the movie is the start and the length of it. It´s not as captivating in the first 8 seconds as desired. Remember that our attention threshold these days are tiny. We are boombardered with inputs from all over all the time. It takes a lot to suck us in, especially generation Z and Y.

Another thing is the length of a message like this. The movie is almost 3 minutes which is pushing it. Again the impatience that sits under our skin and again especially within generation Z won´t make most people see it all the way to the end to yet again see the message: ”It´s the same with sex” and ”Consent is everything”.

Don´t get me wrong – it ´s a brilliant movie!

Thanks Maria Odelberg Giertz for sharing the movie!