The #MidWeekNickle is back with your social links – Week. 35


Hope summer been as great for you as for me. I went pretty much offline during the hottest months but now I’m back. Instead for spamming your inboxes every week I decided to do it less frequently. Every third or fourth week you will get your recap of social links from the #MidWeekNickle. Here is Week.35 for your pleasure. 


Ads on Facebook is a delicate matter for the user experience. Read more about changes made to the news feed algorithm.

Interesting test shows that Facebook are trying out the possibility of adding stickers in comments which makes it more interesting for companies to design stickers to market them.

Facebook announced a new monitoring tool to be released to help marketeers to track ads on all devices.

The small ads on the right gets a face lift with larger images.


Instagram now makes it easier for you to see how well your ads do with insights of impressions, reach and frequency for your ads on a dashboard for businesses.

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Twitter announced promoted videos in beta where advertisers only to be charged when played.

Digital marketing

Social tracking is important when reporting your success or to learn from your failure. Baekdal goes into a new term that I haven´t heard of – dark social in the article A lesson in social tracking.

Get insights in how and what about growth hacking, the term mirrors how you grow communities on the net around either your service or product. Its the art of community management, product and business development all combined with a great know how in digital media.

Making something viral is a wish come true for many companies and marketeers, but when IT happens take the opportunity of riding on the way of success.

Study (Audience Insight Report) shows that Facebook driving traffic to corporate sites decreased with half during the last two years while LinkedIn now stands for 64% of the traffic of the social block. As for Twitter the number is growing.

Social media & more

New technology makes picture analysis possible which brakes new ground for marketing possibilities. A must read!

Vine now made it possible to import videos from your phone.

Movie of the week

Humans need not apply. Meet Baxter, a robot that learns and can be used for multi purposes and they are competing for our jobs.

photo credit: ViaMoi via photopin cc