6 tips how to fight decreased EdgeRank on your Facebook fan page


The name on my blog mirrors life and the social media landscape; Change is Constant. Facebook has the change gear in overdrive for the time being. The EdgeRank is narrowing down, the structure of ads reconstructed and soon a new timeline will roll out! The EdgeRank algorithm as we know is mainly based on three elements. Affinity score, weight and time.

  1. “Affinity” – Affinity measures the one-way relationship that a fan has with a Facebook Brand Page they have “liked.” It´s the score between you and the page. The more you engage in a post with likes, comments, shares and likes the more post you will see form the page.
  2. “Weight” – Weight measures how much interaction/engagement a current Facebook post is receiving. Different types of stories works (weights) differently on all pages.
  3. “Time” – Time is actually two things. One is time decay. The longer a post has been up the more a it decays and become less likely to be seen. The other time factor is when you post. Check when your target group is most likely to engage.

Read more at: http://www.whatisedgerank.com/

The reach is shrinking

On the 21st of january Facebook conducted a game changing touch to the EdgeRank putting more focus on friends stories then fan pages. This arrangement puts more pressure on marketeers and fan page admins. Now, more then ever,its important to create engaging posts to keep getting in to fans news feeds. You need the interaction with your fans to keep up the PTAT ( The number of unique people creating a story about your page. Likes, shares, comments or clicks.) and to keep being seen your fans feeds.

The site EdgeRank Checker did a study based on Facebook own article about this subject and discovered up to a 40% drop in reach on posts from pages. The average reach on posts have fallen from 18% to 11% thats why its really important to get your fans to engage with your posts so your content remains visible in their newsfeed.

To keep your EdgeRank, reach and PTAT up here is:

6 hints how to keep your page engagement up

  • Involve your fans with questions.
  • Create your own pictures, designs and articles for unique content. Of course this is a matter of resources and time
  • Always think VALUE in your communication towards your target groups and fans. If your not already doing it; start now!
  • Don´t forget all the possibilities with podcasts and video, you can even stream events and interviews. It doesn´t need to be a Hollywood production, better to do something then nothing.
  • Ads are becoming more essential to get your posts visible in the newsfeed of your fans. Support your communication with ads to retarget ”sleeping” fans and to find new.
  • Tagging people and pages is a great way to make your content more visible. Especially now when Facebook implemented a new feature to this that makes it possible to be pick up by EdgeRank and showed to people if the content are relevant to them.

If you want to read som more here is Edgerank Checkers article and Facebooks post that their study is based on.

There is so many other ways to maintain your EdgeRank and engagement. Please add your thoughts by commenting.

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