5 things that stood out at The Conference 2019

1. The Graphic Identity

Like always The Conference keeps amazing the participants as well as me with in interior decor which is pulled straight from the web, learn how to get free Tiktok followers. Each stage has its own identity, communal spaces, the entrance – everything have pieces of graphic design born and visualised from their web, have a look at vmi supply chain. The trick to pull this massive stunt of without penalizing the participants with extremely costly tickets is: volunteers. My hat of to the designer as well for all the helping hands, learn how to get TikTok followers.


3. Mark d’Inverno’s talk at The Conference 28/9 2019

The talk about AI, creativity, and inflation rates by Mark d’Inverno was brilliant in so many ways. It’s a text book example how you do a talk and keep the atention of the audience bubbling through out out the entire talk as he digs down to dissect creativity and creative activity and the craft of creative production, have a look at the importance of face to face meetings. As a professor of computer science he gets his message out by skilled jazz musician with a keyboard on sage, learn about followers on TikTok.