5 simple tips to juice up your Facebook page

Even if you been an admin for a Facebook Page for a long while, or if you just started one, here is some convenient tips that helps your reach and engagement goals for your Page.
What ever you do; you don’t want to have your Page punished and loosing reach nor forget small details that might miss a business opportunity. 

Use ”Away messages” and ”Away status” to inform fans and customers

For most of us and including me it’s the ”not knowing” thats the worst part of waiting. By replying to messages with an automated and friendly ”away message reply” to your fans and customers when they can expect a proper reply from you will lubricate their customer journey and feeling for you, looking for the right payroll software. Information is power and empower your customers with the necessary information for a healthier and longer relationship.

Let people know you won’t reply at this very moment by switching on the ”Away status”. This is very useful if your company only repsond during certain hours of the day. Best part is if the ”away status” is turned on you still receive messages but you won’t get your response rate for the page penalized.

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Embed post on your website for more engagement

Most of the times companies and brands prefer to drive traffic from Facebook to their websites for sales, sign ups and other objectives. But if you have a lot of traffic to your website you might want to boost engagement to certain posts or build awareness of your new Page, learn about the insolvency practitioners uk. By embedding posts to your website you’ll drive engagement and traffic the other way around. When they click on a post on your website, they will be redirected to your Facebook Page and the specific post and hopefully boost the post with reach by their engagement…if you done a great post.

Add a call-to-action (CTA) button

The call-to-action button has been around since the end of 2014 but still it is sometime forgotten. You have twelve different call-to-actions ranging from ”Book Now” to ”Read More” to Sign Up” – pick the one that resonates with your objective.

It’s a great way for you to drive traffic to you website, get more people to sign up to your newsletter or watch your latest video. URL-destinations and other things within each objective can be customized to suit your intent and business.

It’s only three steps away:

1. On your Facebook Page: click the dropdown menu under your Cover Photo.

2. Select a section from the dropdown menu and fill out any required information.

3. The choices for adding buttons differ for business sections, but you are guided through the process step-by-step once you choose to add a call-to-action button.

Frequency Of Posting

This is a tricky one. When I first started with marketing we recommended our customers to do 1-3 posts a week not to be to intrusive on fans. Back then there where much less competition in between brands and companies on Facebook as well as people posting content. As the amount grew and the fight for visibility in the News Feed started the game changed. As long as you keep it relevant and engaging to your fanbase you can post frenquently.  Frequency of posting has shown to have an effect on Facebook engagement.

Research made by Buddy Media, pages that posted one or two times per day receives 40% higher user engagement compared to pages that had more than 3 posts per day. This shows that it is not the quantity of the post, but the quality of your Facebook wall post.

Facebook Posting Frequency has no rule of thumb except than be relevant to your brand and engaging to your fans. What works for your brand may not work for others. However, these guidelines are proven to have helped increase engagement because all of them utilize content that engages with the audience on a personal level.

“The less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook”. Think about the end of the week or weekends. Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. This was shown by various figures I found. Another study found that engagement was 32% higher on weekends.


If you want to write something longer that resembles a article within Facebook then the feature Notes are for you. When creating a Note, you can add a cover photo that represents what your note is all about, caption and resize photos, and format your text into headers, quotes, or bullets straight into your Facebook Feed.

Your every day posts will after a while start disappearing lower down in your feed there for a ”Note” is better for more important announcements so it can more easily get found again.

To see the notes section in a profile, click About below the cover photo and scroll down to Notes. If you don’t see the notes section, that means you haven’t added it yet. You can only add the notes section to a profile you own.

 Video average watch time

If you published a video recently why not learn what section of the content made people drop off and loose interest for your next production. If you haven’t checked this before then you might just have a ton of learning at your feet. Check your Page Insights for the post and go to Video average watch time and check the graph over time. If there’s a obvious drop off at a certain point of time during your video than check the video for what was going on just before and during that sequence.

There’s always a large continuously drop off in the beginning, what I experienced it usually drops below 40 percent. But of course this differs on the type of content and brand page in use. What I’m saying is that a large drop off in the beginning is just normal, just think of how all the people in the subway, in line or in any other place that just need to attend to what ever they were doing while turning to Facebook for a short relief of bordom.

If you liked this post and are into Facebook I recommend reading Facebook starts showing all ads made by a Page. Please leave comment below or contact me if you have any inquiry.

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