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#MidWeekNickle Week.9



We´re already in mid february and Week.9 of the #MidWeekNickle is back. There´s been a lot of action the past week. One thing that really made people open their eyelids was Facebook humble purchase of Whatsapp for the astonishing amount of 19 billion dollars.   [Read more…]

9 steps to longtail your event into a digital movement

I have the last month held two speeches on Möten&Events, #Moten14, about how to turn an event into a movement by embracing a digital strategy, making people connect and bringing value to your fans, followers or visitors of the event. [Read more…]

Tag your group on Facebook so people can find it

The last twelve months a lot has been happening around Facebook. Groups are said to take a larger part during 2014. Have you noticed that you now are able to tag groups to make it easier for people to find them? [Read more…]

#MidWeekNickle Week.8



I´ve jumped straight from week 2 to 8. This is to match the week numbers during the year and to make it easier if anyone for any reason would like to backtrack what happened during the week that passed. So here´s the third edition of #MidWeekNickle!  [Read more…]

#Cygatedagarna entertains with Mats Lewan & Andreas Ekstrom


The IT heavy event of #cygatedagarna kicked off in a mellow and relaxed way letting people getting to know each other in an epic setting in Friends arena. Only 3-400 people had the entire arena by themselves.
When a bell starting to ring furiously and the crowd of people starting moving like a herd toward the main stage. [Read more…]

#MidWeekNickle Week.2



A week moves fast and already the second week of #MidWeekNickle are in motion. Theme of picture are always showing amazing places around the globe to inspire sustainability. Lets taste what links worth acknowledge gone by me during the week.  [Read more…]

Facebook will start showing admins next to posts

facebook_admin_comment_show_post_feffe_kaufmannOn the 20th february the admin (only) who posted the post or comment will starting to be shown on your wall for Facebook Fanpages. You can also see who created the scheduled post in the activity log. All posts and comments posted before that date will remain the same.   [Read more…]

Midweek Nickle vol.1 #MidWeekNickle


Every wednesday I´m gonna present links thats either past me during the week or are just worth shedding some light on again! Look at it as a your weekly web goody bag of links. To keep track of all the post regarding Midweek Nickle I created a hashtag that I always will post this under – #MidWeekNickle. It´s not the full money worth but its sure worth a nickle! So lets do this – its wednesday baby and here´s some links!  [Read more…]

Happy 10th anniversary Facebook – Yes, I truly mean it!


I guess Facebook will trend today being exactly ten years to the date from its launch in a dorm on Harvard University. From 0 to 1228 million users in 10 years, that is a remarkable journey! [Read more…]